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Serving Southern Maine with Excellent Tree Care & Quality Property Maintenance for more than 25 years.

Urban Forestry services LLC, a full service tree and landscaping company specializes in the care and preservation of the urban, suburban and rural landscaping of southern and Western Maine. We are fully licensed and Insured. Use our contact form or call (207) 370-1837 for a free on location estimate.

John Holloway, Owner, shares the story of UFS
  • Remove

    Remove dead, diseased, and hazardous trees & limbs that may be a threat to the safety of people and property

  • Repair

    Repair damage to both trees and shrubs affected by adverse weather, mechanization, or other outside influences

  • Replant

    Replant individual trees and shrubs or entire landscapes to enhance your property or replace overgrown and unhealthy plants

  • Rejuvenate

    Rejuvenate and add value to your landscape by correctively pruning your trees and shrubs. Your landscape is an important asset

  • Reclaim

    Reclaim the yard you fell in love with. Restore and enhance overgrown areas of your property by selective tree removal and pruning.